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5 Best Property Management Software for Landlords

If you're a real estate investor looking to track leases, residents, and maintenance tasks, you need decent software to streamline all your operations. This article will tell you about the five best property management software (in no particular order) for landlords in the United States.

1. Tenant Cloud

If you want property management software that works across multiple devices, go for Tenant Cloud. It is a premier cloud-based solution, specifically developed to help landlords manage their rental business efficiently, including posting listings, collecting rent online, and screening applicants.

Tenant Cloud is user-friendly and enables users to manage everything from backend accounting to increase return on rentals and maintenance requests. The best point about this software is the ability to screen potential tenants and run a comprehensive background check, including the social security number (SSN) validation, address, and past criminal activity.

Other features include online payment management, free unlimited online support, and sending notifications to tenants via email.


Tenant Cloud has three plans, including:

· Basic Plan (Free)

· Standard Plan ($12/month)

· Advanced Plan ($40/month)

2. Rentec Direct

RentecDirect is a web-based property management software, which offers three main features to landlords; income and expense tracking, property and tenant accounting, and tenant screening.

For income and expense tracking, it offers a basic ledger account system, complete with reports. The property and tenant accounting helps you keep a record of all your properties and the tenants who live there. While with tenant screening, you can run a background check of your prospective tenant.

Other features of RentecDirect include website hosting, rental payment processing, vacancy listings, and electronic signatures using DocuSign.


RentecDirect has two plans with pricing based on the number of units you manage.

· Rentec Pro ($35/month for 10 units)

· Rentec PM ($40/month for 10 units)

You can enter the number of units on their website to get an instant price quote.

3. Cozy

Cozy is another popular property management software that offers all the essential functions to landlords, like listing properties, screening tenants, and receiving rental payments. It is accessible via any device with an internet connection.

Users can make detailed property listing profiles, including lease terms and conditions. The renters can also create their profile on the website, which will require them to add a short bio and personal information, like employment, salary, credit reports, and references.

Cozy has announced adding document signing, storage, Android and iOs apps, and also income and expense features shortly.


Cozy is a free tool for landlords; however, they have to pay for the Express Payout service at $2.99 per month per unit.

4. Turbo Tenant

If you're looking for a property management tool that gives you an all-in-one experience for free, Turbo Tenant is what you need. It helps landlords manage their rental process with ease. It allows users to collect online rental applications and get credit reports and run background checks on tenants.

It is a powerful online app, which is easy to use and saves time. So, if you want to take applications, list rental properties, screen tenants, and collect rent online, this software is a must-have.


Turbo Tenant offers a free trial version, but you have to pay $35 one time if you want to avail additional features. This price may vary depending on the features used.

5. Rent Redi

RentRedi is a seamless property management software designed specifically for landlords to handle their properties quickly and efficiently. They can receive online rent, list rental properties, send notifications to tenants, screen tenants, and manage maintenance with the help of video tutorials.

Not only this, but they can save and electronically sign leases, generate property reports, and see payment history tracking as well.


RentRedi has 3 subscription plans:

· Monthly Plan ($19.95/month)

· Annual Plan ($9/month)

· 3-month Plan ($15/month)

I hope our top 5 picks for the best property management software for landlords in the United States will help you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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